1453 – 1945

Katzerland – the name created by Jacek Katzer during his genealogical research to describe area surrounding the town of Grulich. The place is located on the border of three historic European regions of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. For almost 600 years the area is closely associated with the origin of surname Katzer. Probably all Katzers in the world who have Christian roots are derived from there.    

“At Rockyzan’s request, Podiebrad assigned them for an asylum, a district in the country of Litiz, on the borders of Silesia and Moravia, where he allowed them to form a settlement in which they might enjoy perfect liberty of conscience, and a free exercise of their religious principles.To this spot, a considerable number of nobles, citizens, and clergy, removed from Prague and other parts, who united together with the resolution to brave all dangers, in order to preserve their religious liberty, and at the same time to suffer all things, rather than take up arms against their enemies, as the Taborites had done. These christians not only adhered stedfastly to the doctrine of John Huss, but they were enabled, by the assistance of the Spirit of God, to make further progress in the course on which he had entered.”

„In the year 1453, many citizens of Prague, together with some of the nobility and learned men from different parts of Bohemia and Moravia, removed to Lititz. Their number increased so rapidly, that in three years they occupied several villages.”

1910 – Austro-Hungarian military map
1939 – German-Czechoslovak border

Katzerland today. Town of Grulich (red pointer) and villages (blue pointers), places associated with the beginning of the church of Bohemian Brethren (red crosses)

In each of villages surrounding Grulich multiple unrelated Katzer families were living.   

Names of “Katzer villages” in German and Czech (or Polish):

Erlitz – Orlice
Grafenort – Gorzanów
Groß Ullersdorf – Velky Losin
Grumberg – Podlesi
Habelschwerdt – Bystrzyca Kłodzka
Hannsdorf – Hanusovice
Mahrisch Rothwasser – Cervena Voda
Mittellipka – Prostredni Lipka
Mohrau – Morava
Niederlipka – Dolni Lipka
Oberlipka – Horni Lipka
Wichstadtl – Mladkov