There are three Lipka villages: Nieder-Lipka (Doli Lipka), Mittel-Lipka (Prostredni Lipka) and Ober-Lipka (Horni Lipka). Nieder-Lipka is located around railway station. Going 3 km north by road no.: 31223 one will reach Mittek-Lipka. Travelling another 3 km by road no.: 31223 and 31222 one will reach Ober-Lipka. Lipkas were founded in the 16th century and sometimes are recognized as one village. The main building of Mittel-Lipka is the church from 1688. The tower was built later in 1878. There is a lime cross under the church built in 1794. Next to the cross there is a modest monument commemorating soldiers from this village who died during the World War I (threre are two Katzers listed). Behind the church there is a small graveyard. There are a dozen of graves from after the World War II and a few derelict ones from before 1945. Some old gravestones are dug out of the mud and grass and they are leaned against the wall surrounding the graveyard.