Grulich (Kraliky in Czech) – a city located 4 km away from the Polish-Czech border crossing in Boboszów. The city presently has about 5000 inhabitants. The oldest trustworthy record about this place dates back to 1367. The proper town came to being as late as in the 16th century and the first record about it dates back to 1568. In 1577 the town and ten neighbouring villages were bought by Zdeněk of Valdštejn. He chose the town of Králíky as the residence of his new manor and began to develop it. Except the manor house, vicarage and protestant oratory (today’s church of St. Michael Archangel), he had the square built into today’s shape and to his request emperor Rudolf II granted the town a privilege to hold three annual fairs. In the surroundings iron ore was probably mined and perhaps silver, too, and at that time the town was supposed to get two crossed mining hammers with a sword into its heraldry.

Near the curative springs above the town of Grulich, Bishop Tobias Johannes Becker, a native of Grulich, had built (in the years of 1696-1710) a monumental pilgrimage complex called Muttergottesberg.

Panorama of Grulich (Kraliky) from Muttergottesberg – 14th of April 2010
Grulich (Kraliky) 16th of January 2017 – drone footage
Grulich (Kraliky) and Muttergottesberg – drone footage – 15th of April 2017